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No score was ever recorded of that first game ever played when Naismith invented the game. The first NCAA Basketball tournament included 8 teams in 1939. Oregon beat Ohio State 46-33 in the final game.

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Q: What was the final score of the first basketball game?
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What was the final score of ncaa basketball game in 2011?

The final score of the final game in the 2011 NCAA championship game was:Connecticut 53 Butler 41

In what year did James Naismith play the first game of basketball?

The game was invented in 1891 and the first game was played in Mass. in Jan. 1892. The final score was 1-0.

What was the lowest final score for a Fresno State college basketball game?


When and where was the first basketball played?

The first ever college basketball game was played on; January 18, 1896, when the University of Iowa invited student athletes from the new University of Chicago for an experimental game. Final score: Chicago 15, Iowa 12,

When the first NCAA basketball game?

On January 18, 1896, the first NCAA Basketball game included Chicago and Iowa. Final Score:Chicago 15Iowa 12

'Teen Wolf' what score do the Beavers get in the final basketball game of the film?


What is the lowest final score of an acc college basketball game?

NCSU 12, Duke 10

What is the lowest final score of a college basketball national championship game?

The lowest score in a NCAA championship game was 39-34 in 1941 when Wisconsin Defected Washington State.

Who was the first basketball player in history?

The first basketball game in history was played in the year 1892 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Although there were two teams of 18 players, the first player in history is not known. However, William R. Chase was the first player to score a goal in the history of basketball. It was the winning goal of the first game ever, a game that ended with a score of 1-0.

What was the final score of the first softball game?


What is the objective of a basketball game?

The Objective of a basketball game is to score points and win the game.

What was the final score of the first AFL game the Broncos won?


What is a game score in basketball?

It's what the score of the game is currently (i.e. 44-25).

How many points did Michael Jordan score in his first college basketball game?

21 points

What was the final score of the 2008 summer olympic basketball game between China and the united states?

United States 101, China 70

What was the score of the first official basketball game played at YMCA in 1892?

The score was 1 to 0, the only scorer being William Chase.

What was the first basketball game score?

The score was 1 to 0, the only scorer being William Chase.

The team score in a basketball game depends on the number of baskets scored in the game?

Score(baskets), or S(b)

What is the lowest scoring high school basketball game?

Lowest scoring basketball game in high school history was a girls district tournament game in Iowa between Melvin and Sibley. Final score at the end of regulation game was 0-0. The game went into 4 overtimes and ended with Melvin coming out on top with a final score of 4-2. It will never happen again in history because girls basketball in the state of IA then was played 3 on 3 half court. Now girls high school basketball is played 5 on 5 full court.In central Illinois on the evening of March 6, 1930, Homer High School (Champaign County) played Georgetown High School (Vermilion County) at Georgetown and the final score was 1 - 0. The Homer center fouled a guard in the first period and a free throw moved the score to 1 - 0. Georgetown played a stalling game. Within three minutes of the final Homer was fouled but the free throws failed. The Homer-Georgetown game was featured in Ripley's believe it or not. For documentation see Urbana Daily Courier March 7, 1930, page 6.

What was the score of the final Green Bay Packers game in 2010?

The Green Bay Packer won their final game against the Chicago Bears by a score of 10 to 3. The final touchdown was a pass thrown on a first down in the fourth quarter by Aaron Rogers to Donald Lee.

Final championship score for the mens 1932 college basketball final?

There was no championship game in 1932. There was however the Helms Foundation champion. In that year Purdue claimed the title with a record of 17-1. There was no game played to determine the champion.

How do you use basketball in a sentence?

"I love playing basketball with my friends." "Today is the first day for basketball try-outs." "That basketball still needs to be inflated." "Hey, pass me the basketball!" "Is basketball the most popular sport?" "First one to score 21 points wins the basketball game."

What was the final score of the first volleyball game ever played in history?

It was first played 1896 at Springfield College, but there was no documentation of the win-loss record or score.

Who was the first African American basketball player to score 100 points in a single game?

Wilt Chamberlin

What was the final score in 1973 nba final?

The final score was 4-1 in games but in the final game the score was New York Knicks - 102, L.A. Lakers - 93.