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Q: What was the final score of the Steelers Bengals playoff game in 2005?
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Who did the Pittsburgh Steelers win their first playoff game against?

The Steelers defeated the Oakland Raiders for their first playoff victory. The game was played on December 23, 1972 and the final score was 13-7.

What was the score of the Pittsburgh Steelers Cincinnati Bengals game on November 8 2010?

On November 8, 2010, the Steelers defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 27-21.

In October 1992 the Pittsburgh Steelers shut out the Cincinnati Bengals by what margin?

The Steelers defeated the Bengals in Pittsburgh on Monday, October 19, 1992 by the score of 20-0.

What was the final score of Super Bowl XLV?

The score was Packers 31 Steelers 25.

Final score Pittsburgh steelers vs Miami Dolphins in 2008?

The Steelers were not on the Dolphins' 2008 schedule.

What will final score of super bowl 45 be?

packers--> 31 steelers-->25 haha steelers fans :)

What was the 2011 Super Bowls final score?

Steelers-14 Packers-34

What was the Score of broncos first playoff game?

The Broncos first ever playoff game was December 24, 1977 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Broncos won, 34-21.

What are predictions for final score Super Bowl 43?

Steelers: 24 Steelers: 20 Cards: 16 Cardinals: 23

What team did the Broncos defeat for their first ever playoff victory?

That was the Pittsburgh Steelers on December 24, 1977 by the score of 34-21.

When was the last time the Miami Dolphins beat the Pittsburgh Steelers?

September 20, 1998. The Final Score- Dolphins 21, Steelers 0.

When was Troy Polamalu's first interception touchdown?

That was October 3, 2004 in a game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Polamalu intercepted a Carson Palmer pass and returned it 26 yards for a TD for the final score in the Steelers 28-17 victory.

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