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The Eagles defeated the Packers, 17-13, to win the 1960 NFL championship.

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Q: What was the final score of the Eagles victory against Green Bay in the 1960 NFL Championship Game?
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What was the final score of the eagles victory against green bay in 1960 NFL championship game?

The Eagles defeated the Packers, 17-13, to win the 1960 NFL championship.

Last eagles championship victory?

== == The Eagles last won an NFL championship in 1960, defeating the Green Bay Packers, 17-13, in the NFL championship game.

Who was the Eagles quarterback in the 1960 Super Bowl?

There was no Super Bowl in 1960. The Eagles QB in the 1960 NFL championship game against the Green Bay Packers was Norm Van Brocklin.

What famous coach did the Eagles defeat in the 1960 Championship game?

Vince Lombardi of the Green Bay Packers.

What color jersey will the eagles where today against the vikings?

Their white on green uniforms, as they are not playing at home.

Who will eagles play in the playoffs if they get 2 seed?

If Chicago beats Green Bay in the first round they will play Chicago. If, St. Louis wins (which won't happen) and Green Bay wins the Eagles will play St. Louis. If the Saints win and Green Bay wins the Eagles will play the Saint. So, the Eagles can't play Green Bay. (except NFC Championship Game) So, Eagles can play Chicago, St. Louis, or the Saints.

When was the championship NFL game at Franklin Field between Green Bay and Philadelphia?

December 26, 1960 ... the Eagles defeated the Packers, 17-13.

What shade of green is the eagles jersey?

Eagles wear Midnight Green Before Jeff Lurie bought the team they were Kelly Green

What is the highest scoring Colts game?

A 56-0 victory against the Green Bay packers in 1958.

How is a league championship trophy named after Vince Lombardi worth more than a league championship that Vince Lombardi himself brought home to the Green Bay Packers?

It's not! A Superbowl victory is worth equal or less than any of the league championships that were ever earned by the Green Bay Packers.

When is the last time the Philadelphia Eagles won against the Green Bay Packers?

Yes the eagles Have beat the Packer 2 time once in the nfc championships and another in 2003 1960 nfc championships was Eagles 17 - Packers 13 and the time in 2003 was Eagles 35 - Packers 3

How many Super Bowls have the Falcons won?

The Philadelphia Eagles have not won a Super Bowl.None.