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Oregon defeated Ohio State 46-33

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Q: What was the final score of the 1939 NCAA basketball championship?
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When did the NCAA basketball chanmpionship become THE basketball championship?

It became a ncaa championship in 1939.

What team won the first ncaa division 1 championship in 1939?

The University of Oregon won the first Division 1 NCAA Basketball Championship in 1939. The score was 46-33 over Ohio State.

When was NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship created?

NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship was created in 1939.

What is the lowest score in a NCAA championship final game?

46-33 in 1939. In 1941, Wisconsin beat Washington State 39-34.

Number of overtime championship games since 1939 in NCAA Basketball?

6 NCAA championship basketball games have went into overtime.

Which NCAA basketball team won the first national championship?

Oregon ducks won the first National Championship in 1939.

When did the NCAA start basketball?

The first NCAA championship was 1939, won by University of Oregon

Where was the site of the first NCAA men's basketball championship?

The finals of the 1939 NCAA Division I basketball championship, the first ever, was played at Patten Gymnasium in Evanston, Illinois which was home to the Northwestern University basketball team.

How many teams played in the 1939 basketball tournament?

A total of 8 teams played in the 1939 NCAA basketball tournament. Oregon won the NCAA national championship that year.

How much NCAA basketball championships did Oregon win?

they have won one ncaa championship in 1939

What team won the NCAA basketball championship in 1939?

Oregon won the 1939 NCAA tournament (the first NCAA tournament, mind you) with a 46-33 victory over Ohio State. They beat Texas and Oklahoma to reach the final of the 8-team tournament.

Who was the First college to win the Championship?

The first NCAA basketball championship was won by Oregon. They beat Ohio State 46-33 in Evanston, Ill 1939.