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The final score for Super Bowl XXXVII was Tampa Bay Buccaneers 48, Oakland Raiders 21. The game was played on January 26, 2003 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California.

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Q: What was the final score of Super Bowl 37?
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What was the final score of Super Bowl 26?

The final score of Super Bowl XXVI was Washington Redskins 37, Buffalo Bills 24. The game was played on January 26, 1992 at the Metrodome in Minneapolis, MN.

Who did Tampa Bay beat in their first Super Bowl?

The Bucs beat the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl 37, by the score of 48 to 21.

Who won the 26th Super Bowl?

The Washington Redskins won Super Bowl XXVI against the Buffalo Bills. The score was 37-24.

What was the score of Super Bowl 1992?

1992 Super Bowl XXVIDate Played: January 26, 1992Teams: Washington Redskins vs. Buffalo BillsWinner: REDSKINSFinal Score: 37-24Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Who won the Holiday Bowl in 1979?

Indiana beat BYU by one point at the 1979 Holiday Bowl. The final score was 38-37.

When was Super Bowl 37 played?

Super Bowl 37 (XXXVII) was played on January 26, 2003.

What year was Super Bowl 37?

Super Bowl XXXVII (37) was played on January 26, 2003.

How many points did the Redskins score in the Super Bowl in 1992?

They scored 37 points to the Buffalo Bills 24.

What year did the top offense and defense meet in a Super Bowl?

in super bowl 37 in 2003 Oakland (top offense) took on the bucs (top defense) the score was 48-21 Tampa bay

What was the last Super Bowl the redskins played in?

The last Super Bowl the Redskins played in was in 1991 against the buffalo bills. They won by a score of 37-24 Sports Media 101

How many quarterbacks have won Super Bowl after age 37?

One, John Elway, who won super bowl 32 at the age of 37 and super bowl 33 at the age of 38.

When did the Redskins last win the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl 26. It their last Super Bowl appearance and they beat the Bills 37 to 24.

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