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As usual scientific procedure evades everyone here. the pitch should be (should have been all along) measured from the time it leaves a pitchers hand to the time it crosses the plate. THAT WAY it can be measured from all distances from the plate (if you will) so measurements from a specific distance won't cloud the argument. AND the actual speed and decay of speed can be measured correctly. nobody has done this and if anyone has pitched 108 (Nolan Ryan) then it has to be in certain conditions condusive to less resistance of the ball. Oh gee, another factor, the Baseball.... Are they using the same baseballs with the same materials, etc. as they did in the early Bob Feller years??? I doubt it. Well, the real answer will never be known will it... unless the measurements are taken as I have stated from now on will they? I'm sure technology can take old film and use the frame rates and calculate approximate speeds along with measurements taken in earlier days, but, i think those pitch speeds of the past will be lost forever.... to speculation and that good ole magic that surrounds baseball.... baseball lore eh?

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Q: What was the fastest pitch ever in the World Series?
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