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In 1987, during qualifying at Talladega Superspeedway, Bill Elliott set the Nascar record with a speed of 212.809.

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Q: What was the fastest average speed set by a Nascar driver?
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Fastest NASCAR driver?

Mark Martin, won at Talladega in May 1977 with a average speed of 188.354 MPH

What is the fastest speed achieved in NASCAR?

210.364 mph

Is there a Nascar driver with the last name Speed?

Yes, Scott Speed.

What is the fastest average speed at the F1 Circuit of Monaco?

Fastest and average are mutually incompatible. You cannot have the fastest average speed

What is the fastest speed a driver has driven in NASCAR?

In 1987, at the Talladega Superspeedway, Bill Elliott set the record for the fastest lap with an average speed of 212.809 during qualifying. This was pre-restrictor plate era.

What is average speed of a nascar at atlanta motor speedway?


How fast do NASCAR drivers drive while under caution?

The fastest lap in Nascar was an average speed of 212.809. This record was set by Bill Elliott in a qualifying lap at Talladega Superspeedway in 1987. This was before restrictor plates were in use.

What is the fastest NASCAR speed ever?

Bill Elliott, 212 miles per hour at the Talladega qualifying in 1986. Rusty Wallace also tested at Talladega for NASCAR in 2004 in an unrestricted car (no restrictor plate) and achieved a top speed of 228 MPH, and a one-lap average of 221 MPH.

What is the fastest NASCAR track in mph?

Auto Club Speedway (aka California Speedway)Holds the closed course world record at a racetrack for fastest lap and fastest raceLap - Gil de Ferran - CART - Marlboro Team Penske - 241.428 in 2000Race - Toyota Indy 400 - 2003 - Avg race speed of 207.151

What is the fastest speed in mph in a NASCAR car?

in a nascar cor you can go up to 170 miles per hour and if you have it in high gear you can up to 180 miles per hour

What is the fastest wind speed in the tundra?

What is the average wind speed of the Tundra?

Who is Richard Petty?

Richard Petty's son is named Kyle Petty. He is a former Nascar driver and is currently a co-host for Nascar RaceDay on the SPEED channel.