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Michael Jordan and the Bulls won their first NBA Champion June 12, 1991.

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Michael Jordan won his first NBA title in 1991, after leading his Chicago Bulls to its first ever NBA championship.

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Q: What was the date that Jordan won his first championship?
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How many years was mike Jordan in the league before he won his 1st championship?

Jordan was drafted in 1984 by the bulls and he won his first championship in 1991

How old was Michael Jordan when he won his first nba title with the bulls?

MJ was born on February 17, 1963. Game 5 of the 1991 NBA Finals was won (and thus the championship) on June 12, 1991. So Jordan was 28 years (3 months and 26 days) old when he won his first championship. FYI: LBJ was 27 years (5 months and 22 days) old when he won his first championship ring.

Have the Toronto Raptors won a NBA championship?

They Joined in 1995 when the good teams were around. Can't get to the championship's playing with Jordan, Kobe, Malone, Pierce, D-Wade... You know?

Did Michael Jordan ever win a championship without Scottie Pippen?

No, he did not. Pippen won six NBA championship's; all with the Chicago Bulls (and Michael Jordan).

What was the date when sheamus won the WWE championship?

For the first time,it was on December 13,2009 and the second on June 20,2010.

How many years before Michael Jordan won his first championship?

he start the nba in 1984-1985 and his first title came in 1990-1991

How long was Michael Jordan in the NBA before he got his first championship?

Michael Jordan never won a championship. He came close to winning several. Including losing at the buzzer in a game 7 finals against the Utah Jazz <---- u failed michael jordan has won 6 championships his first one being when he was 28 then he three peated.. twice!

At what age did Jordan win his 5th ring?

28 when he won his first... 37 when he won his last..

Has anyone won the scoring title and a NBA championship in the same year?

michael Jordan did Michael Jordan did it 5 times

What championship did Rey mysterio win first?

He won the cruserweight championship first

How many times did Michael Jordan win championship?

Michael Jordan won 6 championships as a player for the Chicago Bulls.

What NBA team has won the most championship's to this date?