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The 1929 World Series features the Philadelphia Athletics beating the Chicago Cubs 4 game to one. I found a 1929 World Series ticket played at Wrigley Field, and the Price for admission to sit in the Bleachers was $1.00. I believe better seats in the lower reserve, and box were as high as $5.50, the price charged for 1930 World Series tickets at Shibe Park, where the 1929 World Series was hosted. In general the cost to see a World Series game during that era was about $1.00 -$1.50. for the cheap seats, and $3.00 -$5.50 for the better seats.

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Q: What was the cost of a World Series ticket in 1929?
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How much was a game 5 ticket to the 1903 World Series?

The average cost for a ticket to the 1903 World Series cost $0.50. This was for the upper deck seats and could be up to $10 per ticket.

What did World Series Tickets cost in 1945?

A 1945 World Series Ticket for a game played at Briggs Stadium cost $6.00 for upper deck reserve seats.

What did it cost in 1928 for a World Series ticket?

$5.50 I know because I have one

Are college World Series tickets expensive?

The ticket price for the College World Series is around $30. The closer the date gets to the game however the higher the price will usually go. Compared to the cost of a World Series ticket which can run as high as $250 the College World Series is much cheaper.

What was cost of attending movie in 1929?

The average price of a movie ticket in 1929 was 35 cents.

How much did a movie ticket cost in 1929?

35 cents

What was the cost per ticket for the World Series in 1903?

A ticket to the 1903 World Series played at Exposition Park or the Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds between the Pirates and Boston Americans would cost you .50 cents. Boston beat the Pirates 4 games to 3.

How much did a baseball ticket cost in 1925?

I found a 1925 World Series ticket for game 1 at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh Second tier reserve seat, and the cost was $5.50. A Ticket for Griffith Stadium in Washington, D.C. center field temporary pavilion seating cost $3.30.

How much did an MLB World Series ticket cost in 1980s?

The World Series has attracted fans of Major League Baseball since the first one was contested in . During the 1980s fans typically paid between 20 and 175 dollars for a ticket to the Series depending on the match up and the location

How much did a ticket coust to the 1903 World Series?

1903 World Series ticket costThe 1903 World Series was the first to be played in Major League Baseball. It matched the Boston Americans of the American League against the Pittsburgh Pirates of the National League. I did find one ticket from that game with an admission price of .50 cents. There was no seating information. It is possible that it was general admission.

What was the cost of a World Series ticket in 1930?

A World Series game played at Philadelphia Athletic's Shibe park cost $5.50 to sit in the lower Pavilion. Lower reserve seats, and Upper Pavilion at St. Louis Sportsman Park is the same price. The Bleacher seats at Sportsman's Park cost $1.00.

How much do World Series tickets usually cost?

How would do world series tickets cost?

How much did 2007 World Series tickets cost?

The 2007 World Series tickets cost approximately 1,500 dollars. The teams that played in the World Series were the Boston Red Socks and the Colorado Rockies.

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What was the face value of a ticket to a 1956 world series game at Yankee Stadium?

1956 World SeriesThis 1956 World Series featured the New York Yankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Big Game was when Don Larsen pitched a Perfect game on October 8, 1956 at Yankee Stadium. The face value for a box seat in Yankees Stadium for the 1956 World Series was $10.50, the Upper and lower stand reserve was $7.35 Bleacher seats cost $2.10

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