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Q: What was the biggest win ever in hurling?
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What is arsenal's biggest ever win?

Arsenal's biggest ever win is Arsenal 12-0 Ashford United

Did London ever win the Liam McCarthy cup?

No. They did win the All-Ireland Hurling championship in 1901, but the Liam MaCarthy Cup was first presented in 1921, so London did not actually ever win it.

What was the biggest win ever in the french league?

The biggest ever win in the French league is when Sochaux beat Valenciennes by 12 goals to 1 in the 1935/1936 season.

Who will win 2012 hurling in Ireland?

Kilkenny won the 2012 All-Ireland Hurling Final, beating Galway in a replay.

What is the biggest ever win in rugby?

new zealand 106 Italy 3

What is the biggest win Manchester United ever?

9-0 against Ipswich.

When did Kerry win an all Ireland hurling championship?

Kerry have won the All-Ireland Senior Hurling championship once, which was in 1891.

What is the biggest football win ever?

Australia beat America Samoa 31-0

Will ea sports ever make a hurling game for the ps3?


What Is The Biggest Ever Soccer Win Anywhere In The World Club Or International?

66 on FIFA 11

How many times did Clare win the Hurling All Ireland?

Clare have 4 All-Ireland Senior Hurling titles: 1914, 1995, 1997 and 2013.

How many intermediate hurling titles did Tipperary win?

They have 6 All-Ireland Intermediate Hurling titles as follows: 1963, 1966, 1971, 1972, 2000 and 2012.