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79 by overated kaepernick

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Q: What was the biggest loss on Monday night football?
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What are all the dates the Buffalo Bills have played on Monday night football?

The Buffalo Bills have appeared on Monday Night Football a total of 40 times. Their most recent game was a 25-24 loss to New England in 2009. The Bills are not scheduled to play on MNF in 2014.

The Bengals gave up 661 yards to which Monday Night Football opponent in 1982?

The Bengals allowed 661 yards to the San Diego Chargers in a 50-34 loss in the Monday night game on December 20, 1982.

Who has the most wins on Monday Night Football since 1970 and how many wins do they have?

AnswerI think it's the Oakland Raiders. The Steelers and Cowboys both have pretty good records on monday Night as well.AnswerpittsburghIt's the Cowboys. They have the most mnf wins, also the most mnf games played, so, go figure.

Have the Houston Texans ever won a Monday Night Football game?

Yes! The Texans will play their 3rd Monday Night Football game on 11/01/10 Their first MNF game was a 30-17 win over Jacksonville on 12/01/08 Their second MNF game was a 20-17 loss to the Titans on 11/23/09

In Baltimore's 2004 Monday Night Football loss to Kansas City which Raven caught a 57 yard touchdown pass?

Randy Hymes caught a 57 yard TD pass from Kyle Boller in the 2nd quarter of the Ravens' 27-24 loss to the Chiefs.

What is the win loss record for the bears on monday night?

The win/loss record for the Chicago Bears currently is 18 wins and 32 losses as of 27Sept2010

What is Vanderbilt university's biggest football loss?

Alabama 71 Vanderbilt 0 - November 17, 1945 in Nashville.

What is the biggest loss in volleyball?

The biggest loss in a game can be 25-0.

What is A.C. Milan biggest loss?

a c Milan's biggest loss is accepting Ronaldo

When was the last time the redskins won a monday night game?

September 17, 2007 over the Eagles by the score of 20-12. The loss to the Cowboys on September 26, 2011 was their 5th consecutive loss on MNF.

What was the biggest loss for the Patriots in the Revolutionary War?

I think that the patriots biggest loss was at the battle of Saratoga.

How many Monday night football games did Raiders play under John Madden?

14, with their record being 12-1-1.Madden's only loss on MNF was to the Buffalo Bills, 21-20, on September 16, 1974. The tie was with the Denver Broncos, 23-23, on October 22, 1973.