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The Jazz' regular season record for 1998-99 was 37-13.

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Q: What was the Utah Jazz record in 1999?
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Who holds the all time socring record for the Utah Jazz?

Karl Malone

Who was the top basketball player in 1999?

Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz won the 1999 NBA MVP Award.

Who brought the Utah jazz to Utah?

Larry H. Miller brought the Utah jazz to Utah

What was the best record in the NBA in 1998?

The Utah Jazz and Chicago Bulls were both 62-20.

When was Utah Jazz created?

Utah Jazz was created in 1974.

Who will pass jazz or lakers?

the Utah jazz the Utah jazz noooooo the lakers beat you freakin asses

What was the first NBA team for Utah?

The Utah Jazz who were formerly the New Orleans Jazz.

Who is better the Utah jazz or the portland trail blazers?

utah jazz any day

Who is the Utah jazz's mascot?

The Jazz Bear.

Where did the Utah jazz get there name jazz?

from neworleans

How did the Utah Jazz get their name?

The Jazz are originally from New Orleans, where the jazz genre originated. They retained their name when they relocateed to Utah.

What is Trey Burke's number on the Utah Jazz?

Trey Burke is number 3 on the Utah Jazz.