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Q: What was the USC Trojans football team roster in 1980?
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What was the roster of the 1968 USC football team?

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What was the roster of the 1964 auburn university football team?

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Where can you find the 1978 football team roster for University of Missouri?

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What was the player roster for the Miami Hurricanes football team in 1990?

the 1991 football roster of the hurricanes?

Football team roster for 1970 LSU football team?

Tommy casanova

What is the 1984 UH football roster?

The 1984 UH football roster stands for the 1984 team of the University of Houston Cougars and their football roster of players.

Do you have the 1996 football roster for the Florida gators football team?


University of South Carolina football team roster in 1994?

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What is the roster limit for an FBS football team?


Where can you find a football roster for the 1996 Vanderbilt University football team?

in the bathroom!

How many people are in a football team?

roughly 40 on an NFL team roster

Where can you find the roster for the 1963 University of Delaware football team?

Click on the '1963 Delaware football roster' link below to see the roster for the 1963 Blue Hens.

How many players are in football team?

53 is the active roster.

What are the usc trojans football team weak at?

Scheduling decent competition

How many championships have usc trojans football team won?


Where can I find roster information for the University of Alabama football team?

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Roster for the 1961 university of Alabama football team?

National Champions

Who is on the COLTS football team?

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What team won the Turkish football league in 1980?

Trabzonspor was the team that won the Turkish football league in 1980.

What college football team won the 2009 Rose Bowl college football?

The USC Trojans won it.

What was the 49ers in 1980?

a football team

Did the South Carolina Gamecocks ever play the USC Trojans in football?

Yes. As of the 2008 season, the Gamecocks and Trojans have met twice with each team winning once. In 1980, the Trojans won 23-13 in Los Angeles and in 1983, the Gamecocks won 38-14 in Columbia.

Do you have the 1963 football roster for Wharton Junior College Football team?

No, sorry. Check out

Where can one see a football game of the USC Trojans?

To see a football game of the team the USC Trojans, one should visit the official USC Trojans webpage for tickets. Alternatively, one can get tickets from sites such as 'Stubhub'.

How can you verify if someone played college football or not?

Many rosters are listed online, simply google 'Who played for (the team name) in 1980? and look for answers which include a roster.