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Q: What was the US's most valuable export in 1860?
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What are the most famous warships in the World?

The USS Arizona, USS California, USS Oaklahoma( these are the battleships) and the USS Oriskany aircraft carrier. The are the World's famous warships ever built but not around anymore.

What is the most popular product in the USs?


Which battleship sunk with most of its men on it?

The USS Maine.

History of uss dortch battleship?

USN battleships were named after US states; such as the USS Arizona, USS California, USS Nevada, USS New York, USS Texas, USS Tennessee, USS Oklahoma, USS Alabama, USS South Dakota, USS Washington, USS Mississippi, USS West Virginia, USS Utah, etc.

How man frigates were used in the war of 1812 by the US navy?

there were 8 frigates on the American sife- the USS Constitution, the USS John Admas, the USS President, the USS United States, the USS Constellation, the USS Boston, The USS New York, and the USS Congress

How do you locate picture taken aboard USS Repose during Vietnam period?

The USS Repose most likely has a website, go to them.

What is the most famous spaceship?

USS Enterprise NCC-1701

What is the is the most powerful ship ever?

the uss New Jersey

What happend to the uss enterprise?

The most decorated US warship in US Naval history was scrapped in 1959; USS Enterprise (CV-6).

What were the names of the US aircraft carriers involved in World War?

To name a few: USS Bismarck Sea USS Lexington USS Yorktown USS Hornet USS Wasp USS Princeton USS Gambier Bay USS St. Lo USS Liscome Bay

Which is bigger USS Arizona or uss Missouri?

USS Missouri.

Name of any famous aircraft carrier?

USS Enterprise, USS Lexington, USS Saratoga, HMS Ark Royal, USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, USS Hornet, USS Yorktown, USS Essex, USS Nimitz,USS Ronald Reagan, and many others.