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The Tudor Football was made out of Pigs Bladder bound in leather.

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Q: What was the Tudor football made of?
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Do they still play Tudor football?

Yes, tudor football is still played by a small hardcore group of fans.

Was football popular in the tudor times?


When was the Tudor rose made?

The Tudor rose was made in 1485 when also Henry Tudor became king.

What games did children play in Tudor times?


What games did poor Tudor children play?


What are Tudor ships made from?

Traditionally ships of the Tudor period were made from English Oak.

Why are Tudor roundels made?

tudor roundels are made for making sweetmeat to eat during a banquet.

When was The Tudors made?

The Tudor rose was made in 1485 when also Henry Tudor became king.

What leisure activities did Tudor people do in Tudor times?

They Played Loads of Games such as Threshing the chicken, Bear Baiting, football (which was not entirely similar as today's football, the football in the Tudor times were really Violent and was quite similar to rugby)...They Made Loads of friends on their streets and played with them, swimming was common.. and so on. Tudors entertained themselves by cruelty to animals and people.. :(.

How much is a vintage Tudor electric football game worth?


Was a pigs bladder used to play football in the Tudor times?


What were Tudor roofs made of?

Tudor roofs were made of thatch (basically hay) but they converted to tiles later in the period.

What is a Tudor house made of?

it is made out of poo and wee

Why was football banned fro some time in the Tudor times?

Football was banned because it was a very violent sport.

How many people would play a Tudor football match?

In Tudor times, there was no limit on the size of teams playing football. Often all the inhabitants of one area were eligible to play in a team at the same time.

What were pomanders made from in Tudor times?

Made from poo and fart

What were rich Tudor houses made of?

they were made out of timber and stoneAnswerBrick

What is an accomplishments that Elizabeth Tudor made?


What were Tudor purses made off?


What were poor Tudor clothes made of?


How where books made in tudor times?

some how

What was the Tudor drink made with honey?


What is in a Tudor home?

a Tudor home is a house that belongs to a Tudor, they were made with wooden beams that were cut by hand. u can tell it is a real Tudor house because the beams aren't straight

What did poor Tudor children play?

Poor Tudors played football. Rich Tudors thought that football was to violent so they played tennis but poor children got a ball made out of pigs insides and played footbal.

What games did Tudor children play?

Tudors play with cards, play football and hopscotch.