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PLAYERSTATSNEXT1.Ian Kinsler.455 OBP--2.Elvis Andrus.353 OBPMichael Young (4 PA)3.Josh Hamilton.421 SLG--4.Adrian Beltre.250 SLG--5.Michael Young.353 SLGNelson Cruz (4 PA)6.Nelson Cruz.417 BADavid Murphy (4 PA)7.Mike Napoli.500 BAMitch Moreland (7 PA)8.Yorvit Torrealba.200 BAMitch Moreland (3 PA)9.Julio Borbon.273 BAAndres Blanco (3 PA)

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Q: What was the Texas rangers starting lineup 2011?
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How many games did the Texas Rangers win in 2011?

In 2011, the Texas Rangers had a 96-66 record.

How many games have the Texas Rangers won in 2011?

Rangers are 88 and 65

Who won the AL pennant in 2011?

The Texas Rangers.

Who won the AL west in 2011?

The Texas Rangers.

When did Nolan Ryan buy the Texas rangers?

in 2011

What was the New York Yankees win-loss record against the Texas Rangers for the 2011 season?

In 2011, the Yankees had a 7-2 record against the Texas Rangers.

How many years does the Texas rangers team have?

As the second Washington Senators franchise, from 1961-1971, the team began playing as the Texas Rangers in 1972. 2011 was the 40th year as the Texas Rangers.

What was the Texas Rangers record against Detroit this year?

The Rangers won 3 out of 9 in 2011.

When and where did baseball player Mason Tobin play?

Mason Tobin debuted on April 2, 2011, playing for the Texas Rangers at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington; he played his final game on April 19, 2011, playing for the Texas Rangers at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

Who had the final out of the 2011 world series?

David Murphy (Texas Rangers).

What team did Adrian Beltre play for in 2011?

Adrian Beltre plays for the Texas Rangers.

When was the first St. Louis Cardinals vs the Texas Rangers?

Believe it or not the St. Louis Cardinals first faced the Texas Rangers in the 2011 World Series.