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They were Originally known as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

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Q: What was the Tampa Bay rays' old name?
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How old are the Tampa Bay Rays?

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays changed their name to the Tampa Bay Rays before the 2008 baseball season. The franchise entered the American League in 1998. The 2008 season is the franchise's 11th.

What is the average age of a Tampa Bay Rays player?

As of the 2014 season, the average age of a Tampa Bay Rays player is 28.2 years old.

How old are the Tampa Bay Devil Rays?

The Devil Rays are 12 years old being the youngest, newly formed team in the MLB. They were established in 1998 and in 2007 the name was changed to the Rays.

The oldiest Rookie baseball player signed with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays?

Yes! He was 42 years old.

Tampa Bay airport code?

TPA is the airport code for Tampa International Airport. Tampa International is on Old Tampa Bay and is Tampa, Florida's primary commercial--and only international--airport. The Mac Dill Air Force Base airport is on Tampa Bay; its airport code is MCF. (No Tampa airport has the word Bay in its name.)

How old is Joe Maddon of the Tampa Bay Rays?

Joe Maddon is 62 years old (birthdate February 8, 1954). But Maddon left Tampa to manage the Chicago Cubs, and Kevin Cash became manager of the Rays on December 5, 2014.

What are the Tampa Bay Rays colors?

The Rays new colors are dark blue and light blue. The logo also includes a yellow starburst. The colors with the old logo were green and blue.

Where is the Tampa Bay History Center in Tampa Florida located?

The address of the Tampa Bay History Center is: 801 Old Water St, Tampa, FL 33602-5418

What NFL team has the worst uniforms?

The old Tampa Bay Orange.

Are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wearing their old uniforms on November eighth 2009?

Yes. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are playing against the Green Bay Packers on November 8th 2009 in a throwback game.

What is the old name of cathode rays?

canal rays

Can you mount old Hawaii license plate on front of car in FLorida?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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