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The Boston American League Baseball club was first known as the Somersets until 1905 when they became know as the Puritans for two years. After that they became the Red Sox and have been that ever since. In the 1960s they were still officially the Red Sox, but they were, and are, sometimes referred to as the BoSox, just as the Chicago White Sox are sometimes referred to as the ChiSox.

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Q: What was the Red Sox nickname in the 1960's?
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What year did the Red Sox first adopt the nickname Red Sox?


What is the nickname of the 1967 Boston Red Sox?

The Red Sox didn't have a nickname, but their '67 season did. It was called "The Impossible Dream."

What was Red Sox' Rick Burleson's nickname?


What is the nickname of boston's pro baseball team?

Red Sox

When were the Boston Americans renamed to the Red Sox?

Red Sox became the team's official nickname starting with the 1908 season.

What was the Boston Red Sox original name?

The Red Sox entered the American League as one of the eight original teams in 1901. They were known as the Americansbetween 1901-1907. The nickname was changed to Red Sox for the 1908 season.

What MLB player went by the nickname Rooster?

Ricky burrelson (boston red sox)

What red sox catcher's erect posture gave him the nickname Frankenstein?

Carlton Fisk

What is the nickname of Red Sox pitcher Matsuzaka?

I see they call him "monster" or "dice-k"

What did Kevin Millar nickname the 2004 Red Sox team?


Which MLB player had the nickname Spaceman?

Bill Lee, who played with the Red Sox and Expos between 1969-1982, had the nickname of Spaceman.

What Red Sox catcher's erect posture earned him the clubhouse nickname Frankenstein?

carlton fisk

What MLB player went by the nickname Dewey?

Dwight Evans, outfielder for the Red Sox from 1972-1990 and Orioles in 1991, went by the nickname of Dewey.

Did the Boston Americans used to be a major league baseball team?

Yes, the Boston Red Sox were known as the Americans from 1901-1907. Red Sox became the official nickname for the team in 1908.

What Red Sox player had the nickname rooster?

Rick Burleson was a shortstop for the Boston Red Sox. He played for the Sox for seven years and Don Zimmer nicknamed him "The Rooster"! He received the Gold Glove Award and Most Valuable Player award.

What is the nickname often given to the 1960s?

The Swingin Sixties

Phillies or Red Sox?

red sox

What was Ted William's nickname?

He was called "The Kid," "Teddy Ballgame" and "The Splendid Splinter" during his career with the Boston Red Sox.

Was the term 'Pilgrims' ever a nickname for the Boston Red Sox?

The American League franchise in Boston was known as the Boston Pilgrims for four seasons, from 1903-1906. (In 1901, the team's nickname was the Boston Americans; in 1902, it was the Boston Somersets; from 1907 to the present, the nickname has been the Boston Red Sox.) One notable member of the Boston Pilgrims was pitcher Cy Young.

How did Babe Ruth get his nickname Babe?

Answer: George Herman Ruth Jr. got his nickname "Babe" or "Baby" by being so young on the Red Sox, or then the Red Stockings, so Ruth was so young they called him Babe.

What MLB player went by the nickname El Guapo?

Rich Garces got the nickname "El Guapo" while playing for the Boston Red Sox in the late 90's.

How did the Red Sox get their name?

they wore red sox

What year did the Red Sox adopt the name Red Sox?

The Boston Red Sox adopted the name "Red Sox" as their official name late in 1907. Prior to the change, the Red Sox were known as the Boston Americans.

What was Ted Williams' nickname?

At different stages of his career with the Boston Red Sox, he was called "The Kid," "Teddy Ballgame" and "The Splendid Splinter."

When were the Red Sox founded?

the red sox were founded in 1901