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The Steelers best regular season record was 15-1 in 2004. They were 1-1 in the playoffs.

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Q: What was the Pittsburgh Steelers most winningest season?
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Which Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback has thrown the most touchdowns in a season?

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has thrown the most touchdowns in a season for the Steelers with 32 in 2007.

What is the most wins the Pittsburgh Steelers have started the season with?

The Steelers started they're 2004-2005 season 14-0 and then lost to the patriots

What quarterback threw the most interceptions in one season for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

In 1955, Jim Finks threw 26 interceptions, that was the most by a Steelers quarterback in one season.

What were the most points scored by the Pittsburgh Steelers in a season?

In 1979, the Steelers set the franchise record for points scored during the regular season with 416.

Who has Pittsburgh Steelers record for most passing yards in a single season?

Tommy Maddox

Which NFL team has the most regular season wins since the merger?

Pittsburgh Steelers

Which Pittsburgh Steelers running back holds the record for most yards in a season?

In 1992, Barry Foster set the Steelers record for most rushing yards in a season with 1,690.

What are the most amount of games the Pittsburgh Steelers ever lost?

In 1969, the Steelers finished the season at 1-13. That was the most amount of losses in team history in a single season.

What is the Pittsburgh Steelers record for most sacks in a season?

In 2008, James Harrison set the Steelers all-time single season sack record with 16.

What nfl team had the most hall of fame players in one season?

pittsburgh steelers 70s

What NFL team won the most games with different quarterbacks in one season?

Pittsburgh Steelers

Which team has beat the Pittsburgh Steelers the most?

Through the 2009 season, the Steelers have lost to the Cleveland Browns 56 times in their history. That is the most losses the Steelers have against one team.

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