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1962 was the first year for the New York Mets, the National League expansion team that Major League Baseball created to replace the Giants and Dodgers that had moved to California. In 1962, the Mets, led by manager Casey Stengel, had a record of 40-120, an all time record for futility. By the way, the Houston Colt '45s, later re-named the Astros, also joined the National League that year as the other expansion team. Their record was 64-96 and finished 8th in the 10 team league, ahead of the Chicago Cubs and the Mets.

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Q: What was the New York Mets win loss record in 1962?
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What is the lifetime won and loss record of the mets starting from 1962?

From 1962 through the 2009 season the New York Mets have a win-loss record of 3,655 - 3,981

What is the New York Mets win loss record in 2006?

The Mets regular season record in 2006 was 97-65.

What is the New York Mets win loss record in 2009?


What was the New York Mets win-loss record in 1963?


Whene did the mets win there first game ever?

The New York Mets won their first game in franchise history on April 23, 1962 in Pittsburgh by the score of 9-1. The win gave them a win loss record of 1-9.

What is the NY Mets franchise all time win loss record?

As of the 2009 season, the New York Mets have an all time team record of 3,655 wins, and 3,981 losses.

How many all time wins do the New York Mets have?

Through the 2012 season, the Mets franchise win loss record is 3,885 - 4,237.

What place did the mets come in for 09?

The 2009 New York Mets had a win-loss record of 70-92, and finished in 4th place in the National League East.

What is the dodgers all time win-loss record versus the mets?

The Mets have a 255-310-1 record versus the Dodgers in the regular season. They have a 3-4 record in the postseason. The Mets best season versus the Dodgers was 10-1 in 1988 and their worst was 2-16 in 1963 and 1962

What was the New York Mets win loss record as of September 15th 2008?

83-66. They were in first place by .5 games

When was the former New York Mets pitcher Ron Darling born?

The former New York Mets pitcher Ron Darling was born in August 19, 1960. He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and is currently 52 years old. He has a 136 to 116 win loss record, and played for the New York Mets from 1983 to 1991.

What is the head-to-head won-loss record between the New York Mets and the San Francisco Giants?

From 1962 through the 2017 season, the San Francisco Giants have a 324-to-280 regular-season edge over the New York Mets. During the 2000 season, the Mets -- on their way to the World Series -- eliminated the Giants during a postseason series. On October 5, 2016, the Giants defeated the Mets, 3-0, in a one-game National League Wild Card Game.

Number of games the mets played in 1969?

The New York Mets played 162 regular season games in 1969, and had a win-loss record of 100-62.

What is the Mets all time win-loss record?

Through the games played on August 4, 2007, the Mets all time franchise record is 3470-3790.

What was the 2009 win-loss record for the New York Yankees?

The 2009 New York Yankees win-loss record was 103 - 59.

What was the New York Yankees win loss record for the 2009 season?

The New York Yankees win/loss record for the 2009 season was 103-59.

What is the New York Mets win loss record in 2007?

As it changes after every game, the best way to keep up with the Mets and all other teams won-loss record is to check the standings in most daily newspapers, or log on to for the records. The Mets wound up the 2007 season at 88-74, one game behind the NL East champion Phillies and one game behind in the wild card race.

What is the New York Mets opening day record?

32-18. Tom Seaver has the most Opening day starts with 11 and a record of 6-0. The most Opening Day wins is 7 for Dwight Gooden (and 1 loss).

What is the New York Mets all-time win-loss record?

All MLB teams all time records are available on line at and click on the teams of which you are interested.

What is the Mets win loss record Sunday home games 2000-2008?

As of August 10th, 2008, the New York Mets are 65-51 (.560) on Sunday home games since 2000. This number includes playoff games (2-0)

What is the Mets all time win loss record - regular season and playoffs?

According to, through the games of September 4, 2007 the Mets all time record is 3486-3802 and playoff record is 43-31.

What was the New York Yankees win-loss record in 2012?

95-67 record.

What was the mets record in 2006?

In 2006, the Mets went 97-65, tying the Yankees for the best record in baseball. They then went 6-4 in the postseason, good enough to go home after a devastating game 7 loss in the NLCS.

What is the New York Mets longest losing streak?

In 1962 the Mets lost 17 in a row during their 120 loss inaugural year. The streak started on May 21 against the Astros and lasted until June 6 against the Philies (they beat the Cubs on June 8th 4-3)

What was the New York Yankees win loss record for 1999?

The Yankees record in 1999 was 98-64.