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It was literally the Russian Revolution.

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Q: What was the March Revolution?
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Related questions

How was bolshevik revolution different than the march revolution?

The March Revolution put a democratic government in power. The Bolshevik (of November) Revolution replaced that democratic government with a communustic one.

What was the German revolution in 1848 called?

In English is March Revolution and in German is Vormärz (pre-march period)

What was the immediate cause of the March Revolution?

The immediate cause of the first revolution in March 1917 was the disastrous impact of the First World War.

What were the causes for the revolution on Russia in March 1917?

There were many causes for the revolution on Russia in March 1917. There was intense debate that could not be solved.

What did the March revolution in 1917 force?

In Russia, the 1917 March revolution forced Czar Nicholas to step down from the Russian throne.

The provisional government that ruled Russia after the March 1917 Revolution was?

The provisional Government that ruled Russia after the March 1917 Revolution was chosen by the Duma.

What was the revolution in Germany that occurred in 1848 called?

March Revolution

After the March 1917 revolution was ruled by who?

The Provisional Government ruled Russia after the March Revolution. It was headed first by Prince Georgy Lvov then Alexander Kerensky. Lenin did not take over till after the October Revolution.

A leader of the provisional government that assumed power after the march 1917 revolution was?

Alexander Kerensky was a leader of the provisional government that assumed power after the March 1917 revolution.

When did the German revolution begin?

In March of 1848.

What were the results of the March Revolution of 1917?

The March Revolution or Russian Revolution of 1917 resulted in the overthrowing of the tsars and the feudal system of society in Russia. It also paved the way for the Bolsheviks (Socialists) to take power later that same year.

Who won the texas revolution-?

The Texans won the Texas Revolution. The revolution lasted from March 2, 1835 until April 21, 1836.

Socialists set up soviets after what?

The march revolution

What happened on march 1776?

the American revolution started

What is the significance of the march revolution?

Czars were no longer in Russia

When did the Syrian revolution begin?

early march of 2011

Naruto hurricane chronicles Ultimate Ninja revolution?

it will come out in march 2010 it will come out in march 2010

What were three causes of the march revolution?

The February Revolution (on Woman's Day in March) involved mass demonstrations and armed fights with police and the loyal forces of the Russian monarchy. Causes of the revolution were political and economic instability, technological backwardness and fundamental social divisions.

When was the first revolution?

The very first revolution was in 1905. The very first of the 1917 revolutions was in February/March 1917

How would you describe the march of women in France?

The March of Women in France is also known as the March of Versailles or October March; it is one of the most important events of the French Revolution

When did the first part of the Russian revolution happen?

The "first part" of the Russian Revolution refers to the first of two revolution that occurred in 1917. The first one, known as the February Revolution, began on February 22, 1917 (Russian Old Style date; March 2 New Style) and ended on March 2, 1917 (Russian Old Style date: March 15 New Style) when the Tsar abdicated.

What are three causes of the March Revolution?


How did the outcome of the October revolution and the march revolution differ?

There was no March Revolution, per se, in Russia. There was the February Revolution and there was the October Revolution. The difference lies in the fact that February on the Julian calendar is the same a March on the Gregorian calendar. Most historians refer to it as the February Revolution, just as they refer only to he October Revolution. Primarily, the February Revolution ended with Nickolas II abdicating the throne and Imperial parliament ( the Duma) taking control of the government by establishing the Russian Provisional Government. The October Revolution ended with the Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Lenin, and the workers' Soviets, overthrowing the Provisional Government. Lenin was named Chairman of the Peoples Commisars of the RFSFR on November 8, 1917.

What was first communist revolution?

The first communist revolution was on October 25, 1917, according to the calendar then in use in Russia. The date was March 7, 1917 according to the calendar in use in western and other nations. This revolution is known as the October Revolution or Bolshevik Revolution. The other revolution in 1917, known as the February Revolution was not a communist revolution.

What caused the March Revolution?

the people of the north came to invade russia