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The Gund Arena was renamed to Quicken Loans Arena in 2005. It is an arena in Cleveland, Ohio. This building is the home of Cleveland Cavaliers and Lake Eerie Monsters.

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Q: What was the Gund Arena renamed to in 2005?
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Where do the Cleveland Cavs play?

Quicken Loans Arena, formerly Gund Arena, in Cleveland, Ohio

When will WWE come to Cleveland?

wwe will be going to the quicken loans arena used to be Gund Arena for Unforgiven in September.

Where did the Cavaliers play their home games in 2004?

The Gund Arena is located in Cleveland, Ohio and was built in 1994.

How many seat are in quicken loans arena?

Quicken Loans Arena has a capacity of 20,562 with basketball. Meanwhile, it lessen down to 19,941 with hockey or 10,025 with curtain system. It is formerly Gund Arena and is the home court of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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