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Ricky L Mulberry

Clifton Reynolds

Kirk Kirkpatrick

Wayne D Williams

Wm Owen Bartruff

Paul T Beavin

Chris R Bromley

Henry J Brown

Webbie D Burnett

Clifford Charlton

I Ray Clark

Dale M Cole

Reginald R Corlew

Tracy D Daniels

James M Davis

Gerold Devan Dickens

Brent C Ellis

Steven R Ewing

Richard Fain

Edward E Frazier

S Todd Gatlin

Dwayne M Glover

Raji B Gordon

Anthony (Tony) Jones

Jason G Lamberth

William James Lang

Pepe J Lescano

John Spierto

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Cris CollinsworthDarrell Jones

Scott Brantley

Tim Groves

Larry Ochab

Nap Green

Kyle Coburn

Skipper Peek

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Neal Walk was center. Andy Owens was one forward. Mike Leatherwood and Miller were guards. Vasquez and Rollyson were next two off the bench. I forgot one of the forwards.

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Clifford Lett

Reynaldo Garcia

Dwayne Davis

Dwayne Schintzius

Livingston Chatman

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Q: What was the Florida Gators 1987 football roster?
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Who won the Aloha Bowl in 1987?

The UCLA Bruins defeated the Florida Gators 16-20 on Christmas Day 1987

What was the player roster for the 1987 Miami hurricanes football team?

What were jersey numbers of Florida Gators quarterbacks Kerwin Bell and Larry Libertore?

Kerwin Bell was #12 for the Gators between 1984-1987 and Larry Libertore was #14 between 1960-1962.

Who won more bowl games Florida or Miami?

According to the polls that have been used over the years in college football, Miami has more national championships than Florida State. Click on the 'NCAA Football Championships' link on this page to see a list of those polls and who they have chosen as national champion throughout the years.

Who has a list of the Pittsburgh Steelers strike roster?

Click on the '1987 Steelers Roster' link below to see the roster of the 1987 Pittsburgh Steelers. All players listed that have a caret (^) next to their name were replacement players.

What is the all time record between Florida vs Oklahoma?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, Florida State and Michigan State have met twice (in 1987 and 1988) and Florida State won both games.

What year did the University of Florida win both the national football and basketball title?

In football the Florida Gators lay claim to three National Titles:1996 - Florida 52, Florida State 202006 - Florida 41, Ohio State 142008 - Florida 24, Oklahoma 14

Who was emmit smith's college coach?

Galen Hall, who was Smith's coach at the University of Florida from the 1987 to 1989 college football seasons.

When did university of southern California play auburn in football?

1987, 2002, and 2003. Auburn defeated USC in the 1987 Florida Citrus Bowl and USC won in the regular season in 2002 and 2003.

Who was the French football champions 1987?

The French football champion in 1987 was AS Monaco.

How many NCAA football national championships have University of Florida won?

Five. In 1983, 1987, 1989, 1991, and 2001.

Which college did Emmitt Smith attend?

Emmitt Smith attended Escambia High School in Pensacola, Florida.