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The defense in the early 1970s was known as "Doomsday." The defense in the late 1970s was called "Doomsday II."

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Q: What was the Cowboys defense of the 70's known as?
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Who wore number 33 for the Dallas Cowboys in the 70s?

Tony Dorsett

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Did a player by the name of Eugene play for the Dallas Cowboys in the 70s?

The only Eugene shown on Cowboys rosters is Eugene Lockhart who played linebacker for the Cowboys from 1984-1990. He wore #56.

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Who was the quarterback for the Cowboys in the '70s?

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The 3-4 defense the Broncos used in the 70s was nicknamed Orange Crush.

What is the team nickname for the Dallas Cowboys?

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Yes you can. Deion Saunders who played for the Dallas Cowboys played both offense and defense.

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What were the 1970's Dallas Cowboys team nicknames?

Doomsday defense and The American Team

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Since 1960, they have only been known as the Dallas Cowboys.

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What is the player name from dallas cowboys known as Hollywood?


What Cowboys quarterback was known as Captain Comeback?

Roger Staubach