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41 19 15 7 41 19 15 7 41 19 15 7 41 19 15 7 41-19-15-7 (104 points)

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Q: What was the Boston bruins win-loss record in 2004?
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What team did Joe Thornton play for in 2004?

The Boston Bruins. He also played for Canada in the World Cup of Hockey in 2004.

What was the Boston Red Sox win - loss record for 2004?

The Boston Red Sox finished the 2004 season with a 98-64record.

Did lucic play for the Vancouver canucks?

Milan Lucic was drafted by the Boston Bruins in 2006 and has played his entire career with the team. He played major junior hockey in Vancouver for the Giants from 2004-07.

What is the Boston Red Sox win-loss record against the Oakland Athletics?

As of 2004, the Red Sox W/L record against the A's was 1010-825

What is Derek Lowe's postseason record?

He has a postseason record of 5-7, which includes a Game 4 World Series victory in 2004 when he was a member of the Boston Red Sox.

What movie and television projects has Zdeno Chara been in?

Zdeno Chara has: Played himself in "Hockey Night in Canada" in 1952. Played himself in "NHL on TSN" in 2003. Played himself in "2004 NHL Awards" in 2004. Played himself in "The Hour" in 2005. Played himself in "2008 NHL Awards" in 2008. Played Himself - Boston Bruins Defenseman in "2011 Stanley Cup Finals" in 2011. Performed in "Wicked Bites" in 2013. Played Himself - Boston Bruins Defenseman in "2013 Stanley Cup Finals" in 2013.

What was the Montreal Expos record in 2004?

In 2004, the Montreal Expos had a 67-95 record.

What exact time did the 2004 Boston Red Sox record the final out of the World Series?

10:34p.m. eastern time I had 10:41 pm.

Red Sox World Series Record?

Boston's record in the World Series is 8-4:Won: 1903, 1912, 1915, 1916, 1918, 2004, 2007 & 2013Lost: 1946, 1967, 1975, 1986

What was the New Orleans Saints record in 2004?

In 2004, the New Orleans Saints had an 8-8 record.

Has any team in professional sports comeback from a 3-0 deficit?

Yep Boston Red Sox 2004 ALCS. Over the Yankees. Also in Hockey, Philadelphia Flyers in the 2010 Eastern Conference semifinals over the Boston Bruins. In Game 4, the Flyers came back from a score of 3-0 as well.

When was Boston Legal created?

Boston Legal was created on 2004-10-03.

When did Boston Public end?

Boston Public ended on 2004-01-30.

What was the Pittsburgh Steelers regular season record in 2004?

In 2004, the Steelers had a 15-1 regular season record.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Record Deal - 2004?

The Record Deal - 2004 is rated/received certificates of: UK:15

What are the release dates for Reel Stories Record Breakers - 2004?

Reel Stories Record Breakers - 2004 was released on: USA: 25 July 2004

What was the eagles record in 2004?

The Eagles regular season record in 2004 was 13-3. They won the Conference championship and then lost in the Super Bowl to the Patriots giving them a composite record for 2004 of 15-4.

What are the second- most penalty minutes in a single NHL game?

The second highest penalty minutes total in an NHL game by both teams is 406 minutes in a game between the Minnesota North Stars and Boston Bruins on February 26, 1981. This number is not significantly less than the NHL record of 419 minutes between the Ottawa Senators and Philadelphia Flyers on March 5, 2004.

What are the release dates for Tanner on Tanner - 2004 Boston or Bust 1-2?

Tanner on Tanner - 2004 Boston or Bust 1-2 was released on: USA: 12 October 2004

What are the release dates for Road Trip - 2004 Boston to Montreal 1-12?

Road Trip - 2004 Boston to Montreal 1-12 was released on: USA: 22 June 2004

How many years has it been since the Toronto Maple Leafs made the playoffs?

2003/2004 season was the last time they made the playoffs

How many teams have come back from a 3-0 deficit in pro sports?

4 1942 Toronto Maple Leafs over Detroit Red Wings 1975 New York Islanders over Pittsburgh Penguins 2004 Boston Red Sox over New York Yankees 2010 Philadelphia Flyers over Boston Bruins

What are the release dates for Bump - 2004 Boston 5-2?

Bump - 2004 Boston 5-2 was released on: USA: 16 February 2011

What was the New York Yankees win-loss record in 2004?

The Yankees won the AL East in 2004 with a record of 101-61.

When was The Show - record label - created?

The Show - record label - was created in 2004.