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Tom Abernethy Sr 6-7 F

Quinn Buckner Sr 6-3 G

Jim Crews Sr 6-5 G

Scott May Sr 6-7 F

Bob Wilkerson Sr 6-7 G

Kent Benson Jr 6-11 C

Mark Haymore So 6-8 F/C

Wayne Radford So 6-3 G/F

Jim Wisman So 6-2 G

Bob Bender Fr 6-3 G

Scott Eells Fr 6-9 F

Jim Roberson Fr 6-9 F/C

Rich Valavicius Fr 6-5 F

Head Coach: Bobby Knight

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Roy Taylor - 6'4" forward - "Co-Mr. Basketball" - Anderson High School

Tony Marshall - 6'6" center - Anderson High School

Steve Collier - 6'4" forward - "Co-Mr. Basketball" - Southwestern High School

That is all I recall...I'd like to know the remaining team members.

There was a guy named Bird from West Baden. You may have heard of him. I think he may have played for the Celtics for a while.

....and Charles Mitchell from New Albany and I think Wayne Radford from Arlington

Steve Collier, Southwestern (Mr. Basketball); Roy Taylor, Anderson (Mr. Basketball); Larry Bird, Springs Valley; Walter Jordan, Ft. Wayne Northrop; Jim Krivacs, Southport; Tony Marshall, Anderson; Charles Mitchell, New Albany; Larry Moore, Hammond; Wayne Radford, Indpls. Arlington; Ron Smith, Elkhart Memorial; Wayne Walls, Jeffersonville; Mike Muff, Ft. Wayne Northrop

IndyStar has a page to look up any year.

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Steve Alford, Uwe Blab, Dan Dakich, Tracey Foster, Chuck Franz, Mike Giomi, Todd Meier, Winston Morgan, Stew Robinson, Marty Simmons, Daryl Thomas & Courtney Witte

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Quinn Buckner - G

Bob Wilkerson - G

Kent Benson - C

Tom Abernathy - F

Scott May - F

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Q: What was the 1984 Indiana basketball roster?
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