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The BC media guide lists all letterwinners and the years they played. If you run down the list and circle all the guys who played in 1984, you'll have the 1984 roster. Tedious and time consuming, but it's the best I can think of. Here's a link to the online version of the section of the 2007 guide that contains the all time roster:

I know everything there is to know about Flutie era BC Football

*= Capt. ##= All American

4 Mark Adams jr

94 Pat Ard So

63 Mark Bardwell Sr

39 Jim Bell Fr

24 Ken Bell Jr

66 Jack Bicknell Jr. Sr

97 John Bosa Jr

90 Jon Bronner Fr

32 Jim Browne Sr

13 Sean Carmody Fr

85 peter Casparriello So

98 Mike Degnan Jr

14 Paul Digeronimo Fr

44 Shawn Dombrowski So

78 Ed Fahey So

26 Darren Flutie FR

22 Doug Flutie Sr ##

57 Ted Gaffney Jr

38 John Galvin So

1 Joe Giaquinto Jr

83 Scott Gieselman Sr

95 Chuck Gorecki Jr

58 Mark Gowetski Jr

19 Chuck Gregory Fr

7 Shawn Halloran Jr

52 Scott Harrington Sr *

31 Jim Hassel So

81 Andy Hemmer So

25 William Hislop So

60 paul Holey Jr

36 Peter Holey Sr

88 Kyle Hudgins So

43 Neil Iton Sr

18 Ken Kanzler Fr

35 Karl Kreshpane So

75 James Kwitchoff Fr

99 Eric Lidstrom Fr

79 Mark MacDonald Sr *

62 Karl Maier So

82 Kelvin Martin So

48 Gerrick MacPhearson Fr

34 John Mihalik Jr

12 Ken Moriarty Jr

28 Vincent Munn So

87 Brendan Murphy Sr

91 Chris Murphy Jr

67 Mark Murphy Fr

89 Sean Murphy Jr

93 James Murray Fr

15 Rick Nickeson Jr

84 Roy Norden Sr

71 David Nugent So

70 Jeff Oliver So

73 Jim Ostrowski So

6 Steve Peach Jr

49 Carl Pellegata Jr

41 David Pereira Sr

8 Rorery Perryman So

20 Gerard Phelan Sr ##

72 Tom Porell So

54 Shawn Regent Sr

47 Cecil Ricks Fr

53 Bill Romanowski Fr

45 Todd Ruseell Sr

68 Mike Ruth Jr

55 Mike Saylor Fr

10 Keith Seely Jr

80 Jeff Simpson So

86 Bill Smithers So

2 Kevin Snow Sr

33 Steve Strachan Sr

23 Troy Stradford Jr

29 Jay Sullivan Sr

37 Kevin Sullivan Jr

21 Tyrone Taylor

50 Dave Thomas Sr *

46 Bill Thompson Fr

17 Tony Thurman Sr ##

65 Steve trapilo Jr

3 Chris Tripucka Sr

40 Jim Turner So

56 Darren Twombley So

55 Ed Von Nessen Sr

96 Patrick Walsh Sr

69 David Widell So

74 Doug Widell Fr

11 Mike Williams So

30 Steve Williams Fr

51 Joseph Wolf Fr

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i think cuz the whole team liked roast food so they named theirselves that name cuz they like roast food like roast beef. lol maybe that ;).

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Q: What was the 1984 Boston College football roster?
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I was a four year letter winner from 1985-1990. I played one year uner Denninson and the remaining years uner Faust. Do you want the entire team or are you looking for a certain player? I can be reached at: I hope I can help! Tracy A. Ellerbe