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Swimming of Witches was when a woman accused of being a witch see would be draged down a river.

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Q: What was the 'swimming of witches' in 1604?
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What was the swimming of witches?

'The swimming of witches' was when a women, accused of being a witch, was dragged down a river.

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they were hanged , burned and swimming test

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The swimming test (in which ropes were used to prevent drowning, a little known fact) pricking them with a needle to see if any spots did not bleed (the witches mark) searching for witches teats ("nipples" found on various parts of the body supposedly to feed evil spirits) and forms of soft torture (physical hard torture was illegal in England) to get them to confess.

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People believed that witches were around in the 17th century due to there being many rumours going around that old women who had black cats and had a cauldron were witches. For testing these rumours there were two methods that they used, swimming a witch and burning them alive. Swimming a witch was when they tied up the person that they thought was a witch and placed them on the water. If they floated they were a witch because the water didn't want witches in the water and later on they would be burnt alive. If they drowned they were innocent but they died anyway because nobody fetched them out the water. So basically if they were accused of being a witch they would die.

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