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railing your mom and dad

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Q: What was rugby player Jonah Morris unusual hobby?
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What is Morris gleitzman's favourite hobby?

morris glietzmans hobbies are soccer cooking and writing

Who wrote the poem my hobby is unusual?

Jack Prelutsky

What is the meaning of the prefix work unusual?

The prefix "un-" means not or opposite of. Therefore, "unusual" means not usual or out of the ordinary.

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unusual words

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Unusual Hobby was the Wheel of Fortune bonus puzzle

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Opinion is divided in regards to the true origins of the hobby horse figure. Whilst there are records of animal disguise in every century since the thirteenth, in either Great Britain or France, the hobby-horse itself was originally noted in the 16th century, most often as a representation of a horse and rider in a pageant. After this it became associated with Morris teams and what we commonly think of today. To the Morris, and to most folk today, the hobby-horse represents fertility and the young God, emerging from winter to slay the holly king. He is a representation of a fertile, playful, yet strong and masculine half of the year.

What is the origin of the word horseplay?

English Morris dancers were often accompanied by players riding wooden hobby horses. These horses were expected to perform many antics and move about uncontrollably.

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Laura Geitz's hobby is playing netball. She is a retired Australian netball player who had a successful career and represented the Australian national team.

Unusual artistic movement in 1920's that scorned traditional artistic forms as meaningless in a world of turned upside down by senseless slaughter of war from the french word hobby horse?


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We only know of one hobby by a member of Cleopatra's family, and that was the hobby of her father, Ptolemy XII. He liked to play the flute. His nickname was Auletus, which means "flute player".

Is hobby a predicate adjective or adjective?

The word "hobby" like a hobby you have, for example "collecting sea glass is my hobby", the word hobby is a noun. Though in the phrase 'hobby horse' it serves as an adjective.