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Q: What was roy keanes squad number at Manchester united?
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What number is nani?

Nani's squad number in Manchester United is #17.

What squad number is john o'shea?

John O'Shea wears no. 22 for Manchester United.

What was Robbie Keanes squad number for Tottenham Hotspur?

Robbie Keanes original shirt number at Tottenham Hotspur was number 22. He later changed this to number 10 which he held right until his transfer to Liverpool. When Robbie Keane returned to Tottenham Hotspur he wore the number 15 shirt.

What was David beckham's squad number in his first world cup?

Below are David Beckham's squad numbers as a professional - 1993-1995 #28 Manchester United 1995-1996 #24 Manchester United 1996-1997 #10 Manchester United 1997-2003 #7 Manchester United 2003-2007 #23 Real Madrid 2007 - 2008 #23 LA Galaxy 2009- #32 AC Milan

Which Football Team Has The Most Players In There Squad?

The football team with the largest squad is either Real Madrid or Manchester United.

How much is a jersey signed by the entire 2006-2007 Manchester United Squad worth?

3-400 dollars

Did david bekham play for Manchester United?

Yes, David Beckham spent part of his youth career at Manchester united (1991-1993) until he was promoted to the first team squad. He spent ten years (1993-2003) at Manchester united until he made the move to Real Madrid in 2003.

Who wears the number 18 shirt at Tottenham Hotspur?

In the England national football squad, shirts numbers from 12 upwards depend on who is in the squad. In the last squad, former Manchester United and Real Madrid midfielder David Beckham, who currently plays for Los Angeles Galaxy in the US, wore number 18 as a substitute.

What is Cristiano Ronaldo's kit number in Manchester United?

Cristiano ronaldo will be wearing the #99

Who are the Manchester united squad?

Nani< Ronaldo(the BEST)< Ronney (best free kicker)< J Evans< Anderson< Tevez< Sir Alex Fergueson (Coach)

How many English players are in Wigan Athletics squad?

As of December 19th, 2013 there are currently 14 English players in the first team squad at Wigan Athletic. These are ;Scott CarsonRyan Sholton ( On Loan from Stoke City )Ben WatsonGrant HoltMike PollittLee NichollsCallum McManamanNick Powel ( On Loan from Manchester United )James PerchLeon BarnettJordan MustoeDaniel RedmondWill Keane ( On Loan from Manchester United )Adam Buxton

Who do you think will win the champions league?

Barcelona12%Manchester united 21 %ARSENAL 100%