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Q: What was one of Jerry rice greatest moments in 1989?
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Who is the greatest receiver of all time?

Jerry Rice

Who is the greatest NFL receiver of all time?

Jerry Rice

Who are the greatest football players to ever play the game?

Jerry rice

Who is the greatest footballer ever?

The greatest football player ever to play ball is Jerry Rice. Jerry Rice played for the San Francisco 49ers and made a record of 208 total touchdowns.

Who is the greatest football player in the US?


What Legacy did Jerry Rice Leave Behind?

Greatest receiver ever to play the game.

Is Marvin harrison the best receiver ever?

No. The GOAT (Greatest of all Time) is Jerry Rice.

What position does Jerry Rice play?

He played Wide Reciever and is considered the greatest of all time.

What is Jerry Rice's middle name?

Jerry rice's middle name is Lee. Jerry Lee Rice.

Who is better Jerry Rice or Larry Fitzgerald?

Jerry Rice

Who is better randy moss or Jerry rice?

Jerry Rice

Who is the greatest receiver of all time in the NFL?

Jerry Rice, with over 20,000 yards! Yeah, Jerry Rice was the first person that came to mind. My personal favorite though is Sterling Sharpe from the Green Bay Packers.