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Q: What was number 22's name on oak hill academy when he played lebron in high school?
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What high school did lebron attend?

Lebron played for St marys -St Vincent and his biggest rival of his senior year 2002 was Cranston Louis. He was a shifty swing guard for the storied Monmouth Academy. They had a game where they went shot for shot with lebron scoring 41 and Cranston dropping a modest 38 in the loss

When Lebron get drafted?

Lebron Got drafted in 2003. Out of high school. Number one overall pick to the Cleveland cavaliers.

What was Lebron James high school number?

He was 23 just like he was in the Cavs

Where did LeBron James play college ball?

Lebron James did not play college basketball. he went from High School to the NBA.

What number did Lebron James wear as a freshman in high school?

number 23 like he was in the Cleveland cavaliers

What major college basketball players played high school football?

Allen iverson lebron James

What is the telephone number to Caravel Academy?

The telephone number for Caravel Academy the school of excellence in Bear, Delaware is 302-834-8938. So discover your potential from early education to upper school today.

How many collegetechnical school is required to join the nba?

You do not have to earn a 'higher degree' to play in the NBA. Lebron James played in the NBA after high school.

How did Lebron James become a basketball player?

Lebron took school and he practiced

Where did LeBron go to school?


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