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56 wins in 61 professional fights.

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Q: What was muhammad alis boxing record?
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How did Muhammad Alis jail time affect his boxing career?

He had had his boxing title removed. He did get this title back, but he had to fight for it. Their is no record of Muhammad Ali ever having to spend more than few -hours- incarcerated. The above -answer- is "stingy" and "dingy" -as well-

What was Muhammad Ali's accomplishments?

Muhammad Alis accomplishments were that he loved everything he did like being in the "Hall Of Fame", staying in boxing, going to the olympics, and boxing.

How did Muhammad alis parents influenced him in to boxing?

When Ali was 12 years old, he was being bullied. His mother encouraged him to take up boxing to learn to defend himself. He was a natural at it.

Who is Mohammad Alis boxing daughter?

Moammad Alis daughter, the boxing champion is named Laila Ali

What is Muhammad Ali's Boxing record?


What was Muhammad Alis favorite food?

what is Muhammad alis favorite food

What was boxing legend Muhammed Ali's record?

Muhammad Ali's boxing record was 56-37-5. 56 wins 37 by knockout and 5 losses

Alis' muhammad's childhood hobbies besides boxing?

I'm guessing bicycle riding, since his bicycle was stolen and he really cared, and basketball, because he was a basketball player in high school.

Who is Muhammad Alis brother?

Rahman "Rudy" Ali is Muhammad's brother.

What was Muhammad Ali favorite food?

what is Muhammad alis favorite food

Muhammad alis elementary school?


How old is Muhammad alis brother?


Did Muhammad alis daughter box?


What was Muhammad Alis crime?

No going to war

What is Muhammad alis history?

His father was a boxer

What is Muhammad alis favorite movie?


What was boxing legend Muhammad Ali's record wins vs losses?

56 wins 5 losses

What was Muhammad alis dads name?

Cassius Clay

Who is Muhammad alis favourite singer?

Sam Cooke :)

Whats muhammad alis favorite color?


What is muhammad alis family like?

Nice, generally.

Why did Muhammad alis duaghter box?

He didn't have a duaghter

What was boxing legend mohammed alis record?

Total Bouts 61 Won 56 Won by KO 37 Won on points 19 Lost on Ko 1 Lost on points 4

What is Muhammad Ali fathers name?

Muhammad alis fathers name is Cassius marceiius clay jr.

Muhammad alis moms name?

Odessa Grady Clay