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Q: What was last time Milwaukee Brewers were 30 games over 500?
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Does Prince Fielder eat only vegtables?

Believe it or not, the star first baseman of the Milwaukee Brewers became a vegetarian over the last year.

What is the Milwaukee Brewers all-time Won-Lost record?

Through the 2009 season, the Milwaukee Brewers have won 3,089 games while losing 3,420, including their single season as the Seattle Pilots of the American League, giving them a .475 winning percentage over 41 seasons. Since moving to Milwaukee, the team went 2,136-2,269 (.485) in 28 seasons in the American League. They are currently 889-1,053 (.458) in the National League.

What is the all time record of cubs vs reds?

Through the 2017 season, the Chicago Cubs hold a 169 to 161 advantage over the Milwaukee Brewers in 330 meetings.

Which MLB team has the most consecutive wins over another team how many and which two teams?

I believe it is now the Milwaukee Brewers with 17 straight wins over the Pittsburgh Pirates. This is an active steak.

Are the Milwaukee Brewers a laughable franchise?

Three playoff berths over a 40 year period isn't very good. If that kind of record makes them a laughable franchise, then they are. If we look at the last five years only, the team has been more respectable, with a winning record most seasons but losing records the last two.

Who was the MVP of the 1982 World Series?

Darrell Porter of the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series MVP award in 1982. He also won the NLCS MVP that year. Willie Stargell, Orel Hershiser, Livan Hernandez and Porter are the only other players to win the league championship series MVP and World Series MVP awards in the same season.

What fiery Texan 21 years ago today won his 300Th game?

On July 30, 1990, Nolan Ryan of the Texas Rangers earned his 300th career victory with a win over the Milwaukee Brewers.

What Twins pitcher won the franchises 1000 game and 2000 game?

Bert Blyleven was the winning pitcher in the Twins 1000th victory (July 12, 1972 over the Milwaukee Brewers) and 2000th victory (September 25, 1985 over the Texas Rangers).

How long have the Milwaukee Brewers been playing baseball?

With less than a week to go before the start of the season, there wasn't nearly enough time to order new uniforms. As a result, the Brewers were forced to replace the Pilots logos with Brewers logos. In fact, the outline of the old Pilots logo was clearly visible on the Brewers' uniforms. They were also forced to assume the Seattle Pilots' place in the AL West (where, due to their geographical location, they would stay until 1972, when they moved to the AL East). Under the circumstances, the Brewers' 1970 season was over before it started, and they finished 65-97 (a one-game improvement over 1969). They would not have a winning season until 1978. Those years, however, were not without their highlights. For instance, in 1973 the team introduced its popular mascot, Bernie Brewer. A year later, the Brewers engineered a trade that brought Hank Aaron back to Milwaukee, a move which gave the team instant credibility. Selig also began acquiring many players that would become long-standing fan favorites, including Robin Yount, Paul Molitor, Jim Gantner, Stormin' Gorman Thomas, Don Money, and Cecil Cooper.

When was the last time the cubs were 35 games over 500?

I know they were 35 games over .500 on September 11, 1935. I don't know if it was the LAST time they were. They were 48 games over on September 27, 1935.! Go Cubs Go! see

Chargers vs raiders last 5 years?

The Chargers have won ten straight games against the Raiders over the last five years.

How do you sign a player on waivers in MLB 11 the show?

You go to your mail and then you can look in your history of mails (if you don't delete your mail) and then for example it says Milwaukee Brewers have just put Prince Fielder on waives (not really) and then you go over that e-mail and click triangle (PS3)