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Q: What was john unitas' salary in the 60's?
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What is the birth name of Johnny Unitas?

Johnny Unitas's birth name is Unitas, John Constantine.

What was Johnny Unitas salary in 1968?


Is chris unitas the name of one of john unitas' kids?

no his kids are mike and carol

When did john unitas die?

Johnny Unitas died of a heart attack on September 11, 2002 at the age of 69.

Who was the Bsltimore colts quarterback in 1971?

John Unitas.

Johnny unitas was how old when in Super Bowl?

John Unitas retired after the 1973 season at the age of 40 (born May 7, 1933).

Who caught John Unitas' first Super Bowl touchdown pass?

John Mackey

Who was the Baltimore colts quarterback during Super Bowl iii?

Johnny Unitas, but Earl Morrall was the starter because Unitas was injured.

When did Johnny Unitas get a contract with the Baltimore colts?

John Unitas signed a one year, $7000 contract with the Colts on January 31, 1956.

What is Jonny Unitas famous for?

Johnny Unitas, also known as John Constantine Unitas was famous for being a professional Quarterback. Most recently for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He has also been a 2x NFL World Champion.

Who was the quarterback for the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl V?

John Unitas

Who caught johnny unitas' only super bowl touchdown?

John Mackey