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Q: What was homers goal in his writing?
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What are some of homers principles values that help him achieve his goal in October sky?


Features of homers poetry to be classic?

because he became famous for writing the to poems Illiad and the oddesy.

What is the goal of business writing?

The goal of business writing is to have readers under-stand the message completely, clearly, and accurately

What is the best way to set a goal and stick to it?

A good way to start a goal and to stick with it is by starting off writing it down on paper. Writing it down helps you ask yourself questions to determine if this goal is literally a goal or a dream that can be achieved with hard work.

What is Homer's values in October sky?


How many guidelines are there for writing a good goal?


When was The Kid Who Only Hit Homers created?

The Kid Who Only Hit Homers was created in 1972.

What is Homers gender?


Who was Homers mentor?

his father

Which is a main goal of history writing?

To describe and explain past events

What is Homers legacy?

an epic poem

What is homers last name?