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89,874 FA Cup Final between Cardiff City and Portsmouth in 2008

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Q: What was highest attendance at new wembley for play off match?
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How often is a match played at wembley?

English cup finals such as the fa cup are played at wembley. England play all of their home games at wembley. Approximately 90000 people can fit in wembley. Hope this helps.

What is the lowest attendance recorded so far at the new Wembley stadium?

I think it was the League 2 play off final last year (2007-2008 Season) between Stockport County and Rochdale.

Where did England play Serbia?


What is the name of the football stadium where England play home maches and the FA and carling cup finals are also played?

They now play their homes games at Wembley.

Where does the English football team play in London?

Wembley Stadium

Where does the English fotball team play?

usually at wembley stadium

What was the first band to play at the new wembley stadium?


Where is the Blue Square Premier Play-0ff final ground?


When in the early 70's did Springsteen play wembley arena?

Yes, he did!

Did Rod Stewart play at Wembley in 1995?

Yes. See the related link.

Who will play in Coca-Cola championship league final?

Cardiff City will play against Blackpool in the play-off final at Wembley.

Who does David Seaman play for?

He no longer play professional football, rather he spends his time as a goalkeeping couch at Wembley FC.