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Harmon Killebrew was known for his long distance power hitting. His longest measured home run was 520 at Minnesota's Metropolitan Stadium. He likely had longer ones that were not measured.

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520 feet

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Q: What was harmon killebrew's longest home run?
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How long was the longest home run ever in twin history?

Harmon Killebrew 523 Feet

Who hit the farthest home run at the Metropolitan Stadium?

Harmon Killebrew Harmon Killebrew's 520-foot (160 m) home run, a blast to the upper deck in deep left-center field on June 3, 1967. This was the longest homer Killebrew ever hit, and the longest ever hit in Metropolitan Stadium.

How far is ted Williams longest home run?

Ted William's longest home run in Fenway Park was 502 feet, but I don't know if that was his longest home run ever.

What is the distance longest home run made by a Phillie?

The longest home run was made by Ryan Howard. 536 ft.

What is the length of the longest home run in a home run derby?

656 ft hit by Mickey Mantle of the New York Yankees on April 17, 1953 at Washington's Griffith Stadium. (According to some accounts)The record for the longest measured home run in a major-league game is 634 ft., by Mickey Mantle for the New York Yankees against the Detroit Tigers at Briggs Stadium in Detroit, Michigan, in September 1960.Source:Guiness Book of Baseball World Records

What is the longest home run hit by a Royal at home or away?

Ronnie Green of the KC Royals hit the longest home run at Fenway Park in 1987

What is the longest home run in 2009?

The longest home run of 2009 belongs to Waldemar Balentien of the Cincinnati Reds. It was measured at 495 ft.

Who has the longest home run in 2011?

Justin Upton

Longest home run hit in 2009 home run derby?

507 feet by prince fielder