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Q: What was goalgiovanni caboto goal?
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What is Caboto's home country?

Giovanni Caboto's home country is Italy.

What year did Giovanni Caboto explore?

Giovani Caboto exploration years were 1497

Did Giovanni Caboto have any kids?

Yes, Giovanni Caboto had a wife. Her name was Mattea. :P

What is john cabots real name?

John Cabot's Italian name was Giovanni Caboto.

Where is caboto from?


Was caboto a European or a Portuguese?

Giovanni Caboto (John Cabot) was Italian. Italy is part of Europe.

Where did Giovanni Caboto die?

Giovanni Caboto died on the year of 1498 and born the year of 1450 Genoa,Italy

Who inspired Giovanni caboto?

The king of England sponsored Giovanni Caboto to sail to New France (Canada) and look for gold and riches. In this expedition Giovanni Caboto had a ship named "The Matthew".

When did Giovanni Caboto explore Canada?

John Cabot / Giovanni Caboto explored the Canadian area in the year of 1497.

Who was Giovanni caboto's parents?

Giovanni Caboto's parents were Giulio Caboto and his wife Lisa. They were both Italians from Genoa, a city in the region of Liguria. Giovanni Caboto is more commonly known as John Cabot, the Italian explorer who sailed for England and is credited with discovering parts of North America in the 15th century.

What did john Cabot mom work for?

Natalie Caboto worked with her husband Guilo Caboto and they owned a spice trading company.

What did Giovanni Caboto explored?

John Cabot / Giovanni Caboto explored modern day Newfoundland and Nova Scotia in Canada.