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in his highschool career he got the name junebug but i dont know why

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โˆ™ 2008-06-04 22:07:13
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Q: What was earvin johsnons childhood nickname?
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Who's nickname is magic?

Earvin Johnson

Who's nickname was Magic?

Earvin Johnson

Who is Magic?

Magic is the nickname for Earvin Johnson.

Why is Earvin Johnson Jr's nickname Magic.?

he was magic

What is the name of Earvin Magic Johnson's parents?

Earvin Johnson is a Jr. meaning he's the second, so his fathers name is Earvin Johnson Sr. His mother's name is Christine... she was a very religious mother and she did not like Earvin's nickname "Magic" because she considered it blasphemes to her religion. <<< just to let you kno.:)

How did Ervin Johnson get his nickname?

When Earvin Johnson was performing particularly fantastically in a high school game, a local sportscaster gave him the nickname â??Magicâ??. He said his mother initially objected to people calling him â??Magicâ?? instead of Earvin, but eventually got over it.

What was Louis Tomlinsons childhood nickname?

Louis' childhood nickname was "Boo Bear"

Whose nickname was Magic?

NBA star Earvin Johnson (active 1980-1992) was nicknamed "Magic."

Whose nickname is Magic?

Hall-of-Fame basketball player Earvin Johnson of the L.A. Lakers is nicknamed Magic.

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One-Shot Finch was Atticus' childhood nickname because of his outstanding marksmanship.

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Buttons was her childhood nickname.

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His childhood nickname was Dutch.

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When did they call earvin Johnson magic in high school college or in the nba?

He was given the nickname in high school at 15 years old.

What is Wilma Rudolphs nickname?

her childhood nickname was skeeter and her ports names was the flash, the back gazelle, the tornado, the black pearl and the track star

What was George Washington's childhood nickname?

George Washington's childhood nickname is unknown. His most known nickname is The Father of His Country. He was an important figure in the Revolutionary War and the first President of the United States.

What was the queen's childhood nickname was and why?


What religion did earvin Johnson believe?

Earvin Johnson is a christian.

Is Earvin Johnson dead?

Earvin Johnson is still alive.

What was Louis childhood nickname?

boo bear

What was Harper Lee's childhood nickname?

It was Scout

How did Ozzy receive his name?

It was a childhood nickname.

What was Bob Marley childhood nickname?


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diamond earvin is 14 years old ik dis cazz im diamond earvin da real diamond