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Bailey ran the 100 in 9.84 seconds, breaking the then existing world record of 9.85 seconds held by Leroy Burrell.

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Q: What was donovan bailey's world record time in the 100 meters at the 1996 Olympics?
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Is the 50m world record sprint held by maurice green?

That's Donovan Baileys Record! Green has the 60m record

Who is the record holder for the 400 meters Olympics?

The world record is currently held by Michael Johnson of USA, who ran it in 43.18 seconds

What is the best record Jesse Owens broke?

8.06 meters jump in berlin olympics 1936

What is the woman's world long jump record?

As of 2012, before the Olympics, the world record is 7.52 meters, set by Galina Chistyakova in 1988.

What Canadian runner won the 100m gold medal in 1996?

Only one Canadian, Donovan Bailey, has won the 100m sprint at the Olympics. Ben Johnson was the first to cross the finish line in the 100m sprint at the Seoul Olympics, but was later disqualified for steroid use.

Who were the 2008 olympic high jump champions?

The gold medalists for the 2008 high jump competition at the Beijing Olympics were: * (Men) Andrey Silnov - Russia - 2.36 meters * (Women) Tia Hellebaut - 2.05 meters For men, the world record is 2.45 meters and the Olympic record is 2.39 meters (Charles Austin of the US, 1996). For women, the world record is 2.09 meters and the Olympic record is 2.06 meters.

What is the longest standing record in an Olympics?

The men's long jump - 8.90 meters set in 1968 at Mexico City.

About how many meters or feet would an Olympian throw a javelin?

between 75 and 91 meters as the olympic record is 91.56m set at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Which runner holds the Olympic record for the 200m in 2004 Olympic games?

The African American Michael Johnson held the record in the 200 meters at the 2004 Olympics games.

Who was the first man to do the long jump olympics?

Jozef Szmidt of Poland.Szmidt's jump of 17.03 meters in 1960 broke the world record of 16.70 meters held by Oleg Fedoseyev of the USSR.

Ethiopia 2008 Olympics?

Gebreselassie an Ethiopian marathon runner (World record holder) has refused to run the Marathon at the Beijing Olympics due to bad air quality but will run the 10,000 meters.

Who is the record holder shot put for female?

Ilona Schoknecht-Slupianek GDR in 1980, with 22.41 meters at the Moscow Olympics