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Q: What was dan Marino's all time completion percentage?
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Advantages of percentage of completion method?

Advantage of percentage of completion is that it allocates cost and revenues based of percentage of completion and don't wait till finish of work, Second advantage is that all costs and expenses allocated to the financial statements in which work has done and not allocate the full cost and expenses to the financial statement of the year in which work finish.

How revenue is treated under long-term contract?

Revenue is calculated as per percentage of completion method in long term contracts like construction contracts as first of all total cost and revenue is determined and after that it is allocated to specific fiscal year according to the percentage of completion of contract or project

What is an example sentence with completion?

All I want is a completion certificate. Where will I find you after completion of this task?

What is virtual completion of a building?

completion of work in all respects

Was Kenny Anderson a good quarterback for the Bengals?

In 2008, NFL Network selected Anderson as #10 on their list of top 10 players who have not yet made it into the hall of fame At the time of Anderson's retirement following the 1986 season, he held NFL records for consecutive pass completions (20), completion percentage for a single game (20 of 22, 90.9%, vs. Pittsburgh in 1974) and completion percentage for a season (70.6% in 1982), as well as the Super Bowl records for completion percentage (73.5%) (since broken by Phil Simms) and completions (25; Tom Brady and Drew Brees each hold the current record with 32). Furthermore, Anderson was ranked 6th all-time for passing yards in a career at the time of his retirement. Anderson's record for completion percentage in a season stood for 27 years after his retirement (broken by Drew Brees in 2009). As of 2005, he is among the top 30 all-time leaders in pass attempts (24th), completions (18th), passing yards (21st) and passing touchdowns (28th). He led the NFL in passing yards and completions twice and led the league in fewest interceptions per pass attempt 3 times.

What is the San Francisco 49ers all time winning percentage?

Through the 2012 season, the San Francisco 49ers have a .555 all-time winning percentage.

What factors influence choosing percentage of completion and completed contract method methods of accounting for long term construction contract?

prepere all necessary and materials etc.

What are the antonyms of completion?

incomplete, unfinished, unaccomplished, unexecuted Are all antonyms of completion

What is the Philadelphia Eagles winning percentage?

The Philadelphia Eagles have a .483 all-time winning percentage.

Does Ohio state have the best winning percentage of all time in college football?

No, Ohio State's winning percentage is 71.6%. It is the fifth highest of All-time. The University of Michigan holds the highest winning percentage of 74%

Which professional team has highest winning percentage of all sports?

The New Zealand rugby team, the All Blacks, have an all-time 74.49% winning percentage.

What is the all time speed record for completeing the iditarod?

An average speed of 50.27 mph is the record for completion of the Iditarod.1000 mph