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what was chuck Taylor number in Basketball

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2011-09-13 15:25:48
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Q: What was chuck Taylor number in basketball?
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Why chuck Taylor are not good for basketball?

They are great for basketball do to the flexibility

Who is chuck Taylor?

Chuck Taylor was 1 of 2 of the wickedly famous designers of Converse sneakers. Chuck was also a pro at basketball, and got into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

What year did chuck Taylor play basketball?


What team did basketball player chuck Taylor play on?

What team did basket ball player chuck Taylor play on

Is chuck Taylor a person or company?

Chuck Taylor was a person and Chuck Taylor All-Stars were a brand of basketball shoe manufactured, with much input from Chuck Taylor about design and comfort, by Converse. Click on the 'Chuck Taylor' link below to read about the man.

What was converse created for?

Basketball. And Chuck Taylor was a famous player back in the days, and his name placed on the famous "chuck taylor" hightops.

What were the first basketball shoes?

converse chuck Taylor high tops


The first Chuck Taylor shoes were used in basketball in 1918.

Who invented the first basketball shoes?

Maybe Chuck Taylor because those were the rfirst basketball shoes made.

When did Chuck Taylor die?

The basketball player and shoe salesman Chuck Taylor passed away June 23, 1969 one day before his 68th birthday.

How did shoes become popular?

It became popular when everyone saw that Chuck Taylor was playing Basketball with them on!!!

How did converse shoes become popular?

It became popular when everyone saw that Chuck Taylor was playing basketball with them on!!!

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