What was boyzones 1st hit?

Updated: 12/5/2022
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Q: What was boyzones 1st hit?
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What was boyzone's first song?

Boyzones first song was love me for a reason.

Boyzones lead singer?

Rohan Keating

Who is boyzones manager?

Of course it is the one and only..LOUIS WALSH! He also manages Westlife

What is boyzones new song called?

I can't stop thinking about you!! Its meant to be getting released soon.

How many players hit a home run for 1st hit?


What was paramores 1st big hit?

Their first big hit is ''Pressure''

What was Kesha's 1st hit?

Tic Toc

What was The Supremes 1st hit?

"Where Did Our Love Go"

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They hit near tropics because they are at sea level.

When the Beatle have there 1st number one hit and what was it?

She Loves You.

What was the Beatles' 1st 1 hit?

Please Please Me

What is Justin Biebers 1st hit?

one time