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Q: What was bo schembechlers record vs. Michigan state?
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What was strange about Bo Schembechler's death?

Bo Schembechler was the head coach of the University of Michigan for 21 seasons (1969-1989). Michigan's biggest rival during that time, as it is currently, was Ohio State. He passed away the day before the Michigan/Ohio State football game in 2006.

Who is the best coach?

The best coach ever is Bo Schembeckeler from the univedrsity of Michigan and Ohio state university.

Winingest football coach in Michigan history?

Bo Schembechler.Bo was head coach of Michigan between 1969-1989 and compiled a record of 194-48-5. Fielding Yost (1901-1923, 1925-1926) is second at 165-29-11.

Did Michigan State 1978-1979 basketball team start the high five?

no -marquette -i think the 1976 team (bo Ellis and butch lee ) Who invented it is anyone's guess. Sure wasn't Michigan State. We were doing the high 5 in high school in the 60s.

Where can A person still locate parsons bo peep ammonia?

I'm looking for Parsons Bo Peep in Detroit Michigan, where can I purchase it?

How many National Championships did Bo Schembechler win as the head coach of Michigan?


Who had more national titles in football bo schembechler or woody Hayes?

Woody? Bo -- ZERO. Bo NEVER won a national championship. And his bowl record was something like 5-12. Bo was not really that good of a coach.

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Bo Jackson 4.18

Who holds the Super Bowl record for the most rushing touchdowns?

Bo Jackson

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around 2005/06

What is Bo Ryan's all-time record vs Tom Crean?

Bo Ryan is undefeated Tom Cream has won 0 games against him

What coach has the most wins in Michigan football history?

Bo Shembachler and hes the best coach ever