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no but Arlington has the Texas Rangers

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Q: What was baseball team name in Dallas in 1940?
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What is the team name of Dallas' baseball team?

they don't have one but they have a football team and a basketball team

Are the cowboys a baseball team?

Dallas CowboysNo. The Cowboys are a football team that plays in Dallas for the NFL.

What is the Dallas Texas soccer team name?

It's the Dallas Cowboys

How did the Dallas Cowboys get its name?

There was another sports team in Dallas with the name Dallas Rangers which in the 60's that is what the team was called. The owners called them Dallas Cowboys to avoid confusion. It's Texas. There used to be cowboys. Originally they were slated to be known as the Rangers but a local minor league baseball team was already using the name Rangers and the front office did not want to create any confusion so they went with a common Texas dweller, COWBOYS.

What is the real name of Dallas team?


What is the team name of the ranch hands in nfl?

The Dallas Cowboys

How did the Dallas Stars get their name?

When the team moved to Dallas from Minnesota in 1993, a fan poll decided the team should drop the "North" in the name and just go with "Stars".

Who were the team players for the Edmonton Arrows Baseball team in the late 1940?

Terrance Kinsella was the first baseman

Why did they put the name cowboys?

The team was first known as the Dallas Steers, then the Dallas Rangers before settling on the name "Cowboys" for the 1960 season.

Was there a dallas cowboy by the name of loran kelley?

Not on the team's official roster.

What was the name of the Dallas Stars hockey team before they came to Dallas?

Minnesota North Stars, who played in Bloomington, MN, moved to Dallas in 1993.

Was there a baseball team called the undertakers?

No there was not a baseball team with the name of The Undertakers.