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your nan :-) your nan :-)

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Royal arsenal

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Q: What was arsenal football clubs original name?
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Football clubs with x in their name?


What football clubs name has none of the letters in football?

evrey football team has football in it because fc Football

Who came up with the name arsenal?

An arsenal is a place where munitions are stored. There is one in Woolwich London from which the football club (which is also in Woolwich) gets its name.

The name of the carlton football clubs coach?

brett ratten

What is the name of oldham football clubs ground?

boundary park

What is the name of Liverpool Football Clubs home ground?


Did arsenal football club used to be named 'Highbury'?

No! of course not,that was the name of their stadium.

Famous football clubs in the north west?

Manchester City, Bolton Wanderers, Blackburn rovers, Burnley....

Definition of arsenal?

An arsenal is a stockpile of weapons, irregardless of type. It is also the name of one of England's most premier football teams.

Arsenal Football Club used to be known as Woolwich Arsenal?

The Gunners - that is the nickname of the club, which it has had since the 19th century. It is also known as The Arsenal and Woolwich Arsenal One name suggested, that didn't happen was Fulham Arsenal To clarify... Woolwich Arsenal was the name adopted by the club when it became a professional side in the 19th century, two years before it joined the league. Although the club did not play in Woolwich (it played in Plumstead) Woolwich Arsenal (the armaments factory) was the source of the fan base and many of the players. Today, clubs that have a fixation about Arsenal, still call the club Woolwich Arsenal, to stress that they moved from Kent to north London in 1913. The Arsenal, was the name adopted by the club in 1913 when they moved. Calling a club "The" was not unique - there was also a club at the time called "The Wednesday" who later became Sheffield Wednesday. The Arsenal changed their name to Arsenal around 1925 when Herbert Chapman was manager. In 1910 Woolwich Arsenal went into liquidation, and were bought by Henry Norris the owner of Fulham FC. Norris tried to amalgamate the clubs and call the new club Fulham Arsenal, but that plan was rejected by the Football League. The story of the demise and rebirth of Woolwich Arsenal is told in the book "Making the Arsenal" which is available via Amazon.

Is arsneal in London?

It is the name of a football club in London, but there is no actual place called Arsenal.

What is footballs original name?