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The Four Modernizations were intended to improve the economy.

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Q: What was an overall goal of the Four Modernizations?
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What did the four modernizations call for?

Progress in agriculture, industry, defense, and science and technogy

How did the four modernizations program led to industrial development in china?

an increase in the emphasis on collective farming

The program that deng x embraced and referred to as the second revelotion included the goals of the?

Four Modernizations

How did deng's Four modernizations program greatly increase China's farm production?

made it modern

What is the overall goal of techonlogy?

The overall goal of technology is to advance.

What was the overall goal of the four Modernization's?

improve the economy

What are the four modernizations of china?

improvement through: industry agriculture science/technology defense

How did the four Modernizations affect Chinese agriculture and industry?

The four modernizations have affected Chinese agriculture and industry by giving more power to families so that they could better meet their own individual needs. These modernaizations have also given the government the urge to run its own farms and agricultural businesses.

What did the four modernizations of deng xiaoping in the 1970s and 1980s resulted in?

a move toward increase capitalism

How did Deng's four modernization affect agriculture?

Deng's four modernizations in China included modernizing agriculture by promoting mechanization, introducing new farming techniques, and encouraging individual responsibility in farming through the Household Responsibility System. These changes led to increased agricultural productivity, efficiency, and overall improvement in living standards for farmers.

What did the 4 modernizations call for?


How did the four modernizations affect chineses agriculture?

The four modernizations in China, introduced by Deng Xiaoping in the late 1970s, aimed to reform different sectors of the economy, including agriculture. They led to the mechanization and modernization of Chinese agriculture, which significantly increased efficiency and productivity. This shift helped China transition from a mainly agrarian economy to a more diversified and industrialized one.