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  • The first James E. Sullivan Memorial Trophy, awarded to the country's top amateur athlete, goes to golfer Bobby Jones. Jim Bausch, Glenn Cunningham, Lawson Little, and Don Budge are other winners during the decade.
  • On March 18, Montreal Canadian center Howie Morenz, called the "Babe Ruth of Hockey," scores five goals in one game against the New York Americans.
  • On May 17, Gallant Fox, ridden by jockey Earl Sande, wins the Kentucky Derby. The three-year-old completes the Triple Crown with wins at the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes.

Probably the most significant sporting event in the 1930s as a decade, was the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were in power at the time, and Hitler opted to only enter Aryan competiors to represent Germany believing that blond haired, blue eyed people were racially superior to other people. As if to confound these beliefs, the African-American Jesse Owens was the star of the event, winning four gold medals in the 100 metres, the 200 metres, the long jump, and as part of the 4x100 metre relay team.

Ironically, while in Berlin, Owens was free to use public transport and bars, cafes and other public facilities which he was barred from using in the USA due to segregation laws of the time.

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Q: What was an important sport event in the 1930?
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