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Q: What was a soccer ball made of when the sport had just started?
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Who started or invented soccer?

i think the Chinese started a sport like soccer then other countries just kept adding on.

What is the first sport invented?

soccer is the first sport invented,because it was just simply kicking a ball.

What did they use for a basketball when the sport was just made?

A soccer ball was used for the ball and a peach basket was used as the basket.

Which sport requires the most skills between the NFL and soccer?

Soccer for sure. In soccer you have to use your feet to move a ball and use other tactics than just knocking into someone and hoping the ball with get to you, like you do in football. Soccer is the sport that requires the most skill.

What do you think about soccer?

The answer to this question is an opinion. The answer differs from person to person. I, personally, think soccer is a fun sport. Here are some other opinions: Soccer rocks and is the best ball sport in winter, well i think it is Soccer is so completely awesomely awesome and is the best sport ever no sport will ever be better then soccer!! GO SOCCER!!!!!!!!!!! Well i think soccer sucks. It is boring and just has no point. Kicking a ball around? wtf?

Do they play baseball in Costa Rica?

Basket ball is a sport they play in Costa Rica it is not just soccer

Why soccer is the best sport -?

Soccer is the BEST SPORT because it's AWESOME! You get to kick a ball and get your frustration out!!! It works!!! And alot of people like it, so, yeah.... It's just the best possible sport to play!

Why was soccer inventied?

Soccer was made as a sport to have fun just like any other sport.

What does the soccer ball represent?

The soccer ball represents the Earth.I am just joking.It's not true.

The world most papular sport is?

The world most popular sport is soccer and cricket.

What do the caribbeans use to do sport?

Im from Antigua so i know. We play lots of soccer. We use clothes wrapped up, regular soccer balls and whatever. We play a sport called cricket. It calls for a ball just as hard as a lacrosse ball. its similar to baseball but only the batter wears gloves and there is not just 3 outs. cricket game can last up to 7 days it is a long sport

Why are there spots on soccer ball?

That is just the design.

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